It’s no industry secret that there is a severe skills shortage of qualified gas engineers in the UK. The privatisation of the Gas Board in 1986, further compounded by a lack of investment in public funding for apprenticeships has caused a skills gap in the industry.

There are around 25 million homes in the UK, all of which require a source of heating and hot water. By far the and away, gas central heating is the most popular method of proving heating & hot water. With gas appliances requiring an annual service to maintain their manufacturer’s warranty, every rented property requiring an annual Gas Safety Certificate, repairs required to keep appliances operational & the average lifespan of a combi boiler lasting 15 years’ you can be assured training as a gas engineer is both prosperous and sustainable.

Why Use Skills Training Group

A Competitive Salary

Depending on your experience level and area of expertise, typical salaries in the area range from £30,000 to up to £50,000 a year. By running your own business, these figures often increase dramatically.

A Secure Career

Because of the many regulations that require people to hire registered ‘Gas Safe’ engineers, your skills will always be in demand, which means you can count a range of career prospects and opportunities. As you gain experience, your career will grow, allowing it to be so much more than just a job - it’s a lifetime career.

Day-to-Day Challenges

Working as a gas engineer is extremely rewarding. Every day you will be challenged and tested, relying on your manual skills, prolixity, patience, and communication in order to solve problems and succeed. Although not easy, you’ll never be bored while on the job.

Diverse Tasks

The range of projects for a gas fitter varies widely, which means you can work on small domestic boiler jobs and huge commercial heating systems. The constant change of environment makes the career fun and exciting.

Flexible Schedule

Unlike other professions, you’ll be able to manage your own time - and you’ll never be tied to an office chair. Each day will be different, and you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to scheduling appointments and taking jobs, especially when you own your own business.

We take being “job ready” seriously.

When our students leave our academy, they become some of the most top qualified and sought-after applicants. Employers look for our students because they know they won’t require extensive extra training in order to start taking jobs and earning a profit. The experience you’ll get while training with us gives you everything you need to start excelling from day one.
In order to train the best, we make sure our team is the best. That means that we are constantly investing in:

The personal development of our staff.

Our training facilities in order to provide access to the newest technologies in the industry.

Updating our training curriculum so that we can tailor what we teach to employer requirements, keeping our courses both practical and informative.

Fostering relationships with leading employers in the industry to guarantee our candidates work placements with a seamless transition into full-time employment.

Our Facilities

While the rest of the training industry has stayed static over the last few years, Skills Training Group is continuing to innovate and grow.

We believe that the best thing we can do to further the development of professions in the heating and utilities niche is to offer practical training that really prepares individuals for real life work. We’ve seen firsthand how detrimental improper training can be, leaving new-to-the-field gas engineers overwhelmed and stressed. We’ve seen firsthand how detrimental improper training can be, leaving new-to-the-field gas engineers overwhelmed and stressed.

Skills Training Group is combating high industry turnover by rebuilding our courses to allow our students to get real-time training in live in-facility environments before graduating. This extra practical infield experience is just one of the things that sets us apart.

Hot Works and Fabrication Area

A bespoke area for new entrants to gain the knowledge they need to fabricate and solder pipework, our full system allows them to gain the understanding and practice under real-time challenges. This area also allows our faculty to teach students how to use hot works equipment on a variety of materials. Though an installation process, students learn how to be fully compliant on all aspects of installing gas equipment at a very high standard.

Hydronics’ Arena

We offer multiple sites around our training facilities in order to demonstrate a hydronic system design and the impact that poor circulation has on the components within a heating system. Bespoke designed and fully functional, these areas are made of perspex pipe that allow students to see exactly how a heating system is designed and the role that pipe-work installation has on the functionality. While in this arena, our students will see inside the system itself and have the opportunity to change the hydraulic effects with user-friendly valves and electronic system controls.

Wet Room

Designed to allow our students to deal with high-pressure water escapes in a live environment, these sessions are filmed and fed back for review once complete to offer a full 365 feedback scenario. No other training facility offers this type of real-life experience.

Our academies offer courses in:

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"We currently use Training Developments Scotland for the training, upskilling and re-skilling of our 60+ smart metering technicians in Scotland.

Training Developments Scotland provide exceptional first-class training tailoring their training and adapting our processes into their top-class service."

David McInally

Field Supervisor

"I can’t speak highly enough of Tommy, Mark and the team. From day one they have went over and above in how they support us both through training engineers and additional queries and advice over and above the training.
The training itself is great with some top-quality guys being produced.
Their help with the minefield surrounding the dual fuel industry and EUSR has proved to be invaluable and I look forward to continuing the good relationship our businesses share."

Mark Pacitti

Operations Director

"Long gone are the days where it was good enough to teach a candidate on just the basic skills needed to carry out the task of their chosen career. Our focus needs not only to be on basic skills development but also to be on customer service skills and I.T. skills. It is this focus that will allow our candidates to stay in the industry and enjoy the career path they have chosen. At TDS we are ideally suited to deliver this experience as our training is bespoke to each class."

Raymond Ringrose

Field Operations Director